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Blue Monday Jam in Concert 2002

The big annual Blues Session at the LAGERHALLE Osnabrück, Germany
16. December 2002

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1091-28

Kai Strauss, Thomas Feldmann

Kai Strauss, Thomas Feldmann, Rainer Achterholt, Ernst-Udo Hartmann

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1091-12

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1091-15

Thomas Feldmann

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Thomas Feldmann, Erst-Udo Hartmann, Rainer Achterholt

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1091-17

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1092-4

Wolfgang Hillmann

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Tom Vieth

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1092-5

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1092-17

Jan Karow

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Mischa Altenhöner

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1092-19

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1092-22

Ernst-Udo Hartmann

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Doug Jay, Thomas Feldmann, Mirko Bartolcic, Christoph "Jimmy" Reiter

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-04

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-10

Christoph "Jimmy" Reiter

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Christian Rannenberg

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-8

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-23

Erkan Özdemir

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Erkan Özdemir, "Paris Slim" Frank Goldwasser

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-27

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-25

Andre Werkmeister

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Carsten Schröer

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1093-36

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-0A

Jürgen "Big Jay" Wieching, René Fauck

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René Fauck, Gregor Hilden

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-1A

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-5A

Oliver "Papa Gee" Geselbracht, Moritz Fuhrhop

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Michael van Merwyk, Todor "Toscho" Todorovic

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-12A

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-15A

Ulli Schlie

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Gerd Gorke

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-19A

© Hans Abry - Photo # 1094-28A

Todor "Toscho" Todorovic

The LAGERHALLE celebrated its birthday and for one year now the weekly Osnabrück blues session has also taken place here. This was the reason to play a "Blue Monday jam in Concert" on stage in the "big hall". No one who managed to get in despite the overcrowding will ever forget this unique four-and-a-half-hour supersession.

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A live recording of the fabulous Session in Concert. This benefit CD is available for 12.00 EUR (plus shipping) at the LAGERHALLE. The proceed goes to the LAGERHALLE children- and youth fund. Order now directly at the LAGERHALLE!

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