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Live concert and blues jam photos

by photographer Hans Abry

Magic Boogie Duo (Bild-Nr. 910-12)


to my photo homepage, to all the people who found me on the infinite big world wide web. This also leads to the question, why this site was missing until now. Here's why I made it:

Well, I have always liked photography. In addition to that, I like live music in general. I like jazz and rock, but I prefer blues and boogie. Not in big halls or stadiums, but rather in pubs and clubs, where you can actually look into the eyes of the musicians and see their fingers play their instruments. Such as at the Monday Blues Jam at the Osnabrück LAGERHALLE.

This resulted in combining my love for photography and music.

After all almost 10,000 visitors during the first year and positive response by the musicians encourage me to carry on this way. Please do not hesitate to contact me with tips or suggestions concerning this, either by e-mail or by using the guestbook.

If you have any questions or comments, for example regarding rights of privacy or ownership, please contact me and refer to the disclaimer before consulting your lawyer. However I hope that this should not be necessary.

Who wants to see everything on this site (really?) can click through all pages by using the arrows. Looking for a special band or artist, it could be found in the Photo Gallery. So, have fun with the pictures.

Hans R. W. Abry
Versmold, Germany

visitors since 16. August 2002

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